'It gives you a little hope': Wedding ring discovered in the ashes of family home

Chloe Carroll's home was destroyed by California wildfire


"It looked like a tornado of flames. Like, I just have never seen something move so fast. like we’ve had fires out here. It was just eating everything whole. ...I mean the flames were taller than trees," said Chloe Carroll.

Everything in Chloe Carroll’s life changed when her family home was destroyed by a wildfire in California.

"My husband decided to drive back to try to get some stuff out of the house. Just drive through the flames behind the back of the house and it was peaked up over the hill and swatched it all just burning down," Carroll said.

“I just thought of everything. My kids’ ultrasound photos, my kids’ ... footprints from their birth," Carroll said.

And then she remembered her wedding ring.

“I knew I took it off in the bathroom. It’s OK. And I put it in my little worker cabinet when I was washing my hands," Carroll said.

After the fire, the family returned to see what was left.

"I did not believe anything would have been found. And if I found it, it would be melted into nothing," Jason Carroll said.

But her aunt refused to give up.

"I just started screaming, 'We found it! We found it! I told you we would find it,'" said Denise Pennington.

"I got something. I got something that I thought was completely gone. It gives you a little bit of like, alright, we can redo this, we can do this. It gives you a little hope," Chloe Carroll said.