IRS glitch causes delays to child tax credit payments: How to track your money

Some people haven't received their August child tax credit payment because of issues with the IRS.


Child tax credits are supposed to lighten the load for families struggling to make ends meet, but already, there have been problems getting checks to people who need it.

The first child tax credit checks rolled out in July and continue monthly throughout the year.


The IRS says millions of payments have been delayed due to a glitch in the system causing checks to be mailed instead of directly deposited into accounts. Another problem causing delays is people providing wrong banking information or mailing addresses. The good news — there is a way to track your money.

"The IRS is backlog tremendously right now, I mean, they can try to call, they're usually available until about seven o'clock local time, but you're going to be on the phone for at least an hour trying to get ahold of people. What the IRS recommends folks do is use those portals online," said David Wovrosh with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati.

The online portal can help with eligibility, payment history and updating your personal information online.

The IRS does offer a payment trace as a way to find your funds. People can request a trace by filling out Form 39-11 and sending it to the tax agency.

If you haven't received the credit for July and august you are entitled to that, there is also a lump sum option to be paid out in your 2021 tax return.

September payments are expected on the 15th.