Couple delivers baby outside hospital after 50-minute drive

An Iowa mother gave birth in the front seat of the family minivan because they had a 50-minute drive to the nearest hospital that offers labor and delivery.


To deliver their baby girl, Dwayne Melton and Amanda Sizemore Melton had to drive to Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, Iowa.


That's about a 50-minute drive from their home in Eldora.

The hospital closest to where they live no longer has a labor and delivery unit.

On that 50-minute drive early Sunday morning, Amanda said she realized something.

"I didn't feel like we are going to make it," she said.

They didn't.

On 13th Street in Ames, their baby girl began making her way into the world.

"We turned the corner and my water broke and her head came out," Amanda said.

By the time her husband parked the minivan at the hospital entrance, he had to act quickly.

"I came around and as I am opening the door she is leaning back holding the baby by the head and shoulders and she says you gotta grab her. I reached in and caught her in the palms of my hands," Dwayne said.

Amanda and Dwayne both said they would have preferred to have their baby girl born in a hospital.

Their ultimate goal was to deliver a happy and healthy baby.

The couple said they realize having to all but pass a hospital not offering a labor and delivery unit on the way to one farther away that does offer the service is not ideal.

"It's a scary situation without those hospitals around offering OB services in rural communities, "Amanda said.