Investigation into Matt Gaetz appears to widen as ex-girlfriend goes to courthouse for proceedings

Matt Gaetz has been under both a House ethics investigation of alleged illegal activity since last April.


Sister station WESH has learned that the investigation into Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz may be widening.

A grand jury in Orlando heard testimony in the justice department's ongoing investigation of the congressman.

The attorney for a former girlfriend of Gaetz confirmed on Wednesday that she was in the courthouse for grand jury proceedings.

He would not say if she testified or will on a future date.

Gaetz is the Republican congressman representing the first district, covering parts of Florida's panhandle.

He spent a lot of time in Central Florida, attending parties with former Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg.

Last May, Greenberg entered a plea of guilty to six of the felonies in a 33-count indictment dating back to his first arrest in June 2020, including sex trafficking of a girl who was 17 at the time.

Gaetz has been under a House ethics investigation of alleged illegal activity since last April and an investigation by the Justice Department, which began before April.

WESH is not releasing the identity of Gaetz's former girlfriend because she has not been charged.

She allegedly was on a trip to the Bahamas with Gaetz in 2018 that involved other women, according to reports.

Her attorney said that she did not have a comment on the proceedings.

Gaetz is not charged. He denies breaking any law related to any of his prior relationships. He got married in August.

Greenberg has already agreed to forfeit more than $650,000 to the court. Last month the Seminole County attorney announced Greenberg will also reimburse the county more than $1.8 million, representing money he stole from taxpayers through the abuse of power of his elected office.