TOO CUTE! Injured goose shares meal with mate during recovery

The Canada goose, named "Arnold," was able to eat with his mate "Amelia" nearly a week after Arnold underwent emergency surgery to repair open foot fractures.


An injured goose that is recovering from emergency surgery at a Massachusetts wildlife hospital continues to get visits from his mate.

The male Canada goose, named "Arnold," underwent emergency surgery at the Cape Wildlife Center last Wednesday after staff discovered he had two open fractures on his left foot the day before.

The staff says Arnold is making progress and is stronger every day. He received a veterinary check and bandage change Tuesday morning and his foot is looking much better.

According to the Cape Wildlife Center, Arnold's mate of several years, "Amelia," continues to visit him daily and remains close to the wildlife hospital. The staff tries to treat Arnold by the door as much as they can so Amelia can see him more often.

On Monday, the staff managed to set up a temporary pen so that Arnold and Amelia could share a meal. The Cape Wildlife Center shared video of the dinner for two on its Facebook page.

The Cape Wildlife Center staff says Arnold will remain inside the hospital while he finishes out his course of medications. Once his wounds are healed, he will spend some time in an outdoor pen while he gets reacclimated to the wild and prepares for his release.