Infamous 'Seinfeld' postal worker Newman returns for ad about voting

Newman, a fictional postal worker on "Seinfeld," discusses the importance of voting during the ad.


"Seinfeld" character Newman has returned to the screen — for an ad about voting.

Newman, a fictional postal worker who acts as Jerry Seinfeld's nemesis on the sitcom, discusses the importance of voting during the ad, critical of President Donald Trump and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

During the skit, Newman appears to illegally open someone's mail, pulling out a cookie that he begins eating — while spewing part of it out of his mouth while talking.

Actor Wayne Knight returns to playing the character for the two-minute-plus ad.

During the ad, the broccoli-detesting character pulls a large piece of chicken from a mail cart next to a mailbox and begins eating it while talking.

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The anti-Trump political action committee PACRONYM is behind the ad, encouraging people to vote early, in-person or from home.

In part of the ad, Newman criticizes Trump and DeJoy, saying they've had the "gall to try to slow down the mail."

In August, DeJoy denied in front of lawmakers that recent changes at the Postal Service are linked to the November election. Democrats said the changes under DeJoy's watch are causing widespread delays, but Republicans dismissed the worries as unfounded and part of a Democratic “conspiracy” against Trump.

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"When everybody knows that the only person who can slow down the mail," Newman says, "is a mailman."