Ice cream shop hires people with disabilities

Nonprofit ice cream shop employs people with disabilities


Finding employment can be difficult for many people with developmental disabilities.

The Golden Scoop, a nonprofit ice cream shop, seeks to change that.

“A lot of people like me get called bad things and it is not fun. I know how hard it is for people like me,” said Lucy Wagner, an employee at the Golden Scoop.

“We just want their lives to be meaningful, fulfilled and have a good time on the way. Anything that we can do to support their lives, enhance their lives, pay them, is what we're about," said Michelle Reeves, vice-president, director of Culinary and Creative, at The Golden Scoop.

Employees are mentored in an inclusive environment that also provides a joyous experience for customers.

“If we can highlight their talents and get the community to get a little glimpse into what we see on a daily basis and they can see how extraordinary these super scoopers are, then I think we've won,” said Reeves.

“I'll be very excited to work at The Golden Scoop with everyone!” said Lucy Wagner.