'I try to help somebody every day': Kind stranger safely reunites lost veteran with his family

The 75-year-old Vietnam veteran has dementia.


"A man was walking around the garage, looked around, and said nothing. I said, ‘Sir, can I help you?’" Faye Wilson said.

That man was Robert Wilson, a 75-year-old Vietnam veteran who has dementia.

Back home, Roberts’ family panicked and searched for him for hours.

"The worst feeling in the world is not knowing where your family member is and knowing he's not in good health in his mind," Alexis Griffin said.

Little did they know, Robert had wandered 16 miles from home.

"It was by God's grace that he ended up at Miss Faye's house," Alexis said.

Faye took care of Robert and began searching for his family.

"We could have gotten a phone call saying he was hit or he was shot for going through someone’s things. But we didn't get that phone call. We got a phone call saying he was OK and he was safe," Alexis said.

"I just fixed him a plate and carried it out there. Some chips and a ham and cheese sandwich," Faye said.

"When we found him, he was full. Of course, he was exhausted, but we knew he was safe," Alexis said.

"I try to help somebody every day,” Faye said.

"With all the things going on in the world, there are still good people and Miss Faye is one of them," Alexis said.

"It would be a better world if we showed love to everyone we meet," Faye said.