'I needed this': Business offers unique solution to remote working stress

The owners of MyCube say their company could present a long-term solution to businesses considering having their workers stay remote.


Vermont native Gretchen Tarrant made her way back home earlier than expected due to the pandemic.

Along with her partner, Chris Gulla, she brought a new business idea with her from New York City.

After working remotely for a few months, the couple found themselves getting frustrated having to work alongside each other. Hearing similar complaints in their new Vermont neighborhood, they started MyCube.

The business is filled with cubicles and conference rooms, which they're offering up for short-term rentals. People can pay for their own space for as little as an hour, but there are options for full-day or overnight use.

"We had a lot of people say, 'Hey, I really need this,'" Tarrant said. "We’re really here to help you be successful in whatever you’re trying to achieve."

Renting a "cube" comes with access to free Wi-Fi, parking, coffee, extra computer monitors and whiteboards.

Customer Bethany Whitaker has rented a cubicle space several times since the business started in early September. The transportation consultant said she loves having her duel-monitor back and being able to work alongside other people from a distance.

"It’s just good to have a little bit of separation from home and work," Whitaker said. "The shared space that I worked at before closed down. I can work out of my house, but I prefer to be in a space that’s a little more structured around some other people. Kind of pick up the vibe."

Gulla said MyCube could present a long-term solution to businesses considering having their workers stay remote.

"We’re taking a bet on the future of work being more flexible," he said. " I think businesses are really thinking about what they’re want to do with their real estate long term. If they’ve had success working remotely, then maybe they don’t want that traditional real estate. Maybe having a conference room a few days a week is actually a better, more economic solution."