'I just want to see change': Two sisters create popular Black Lives Matter yard sign

Sign sales benefit Black charities and organizations.


Black Lives Matter yard signs gaining popularity in Kansas are sending a message — even though they don't display any words.

Two teenage sisters and a neighbor came up with the idea.

"What I like about it is that it sends a message that everyone can relate to, so even though it doesn't say Black Lives Matters, to me it means Black Lives Matter," said Sa'Mya Lewis, 15.

Shortly after Sa'Mya Lewis, Amari Lewis, 17, and a neighbor decided to start making the signs, they had a sale.

"It's really nice to know that there's so many people that actually care about this movement and care about us as people," said Amari Lewis.

Car after car showed up to get one.

"We want one, we want one for our yard, and we're going to pick up a couple more over there for some friends," one man said.

The goal for now is 450 signs. The ultimate goal is one in every yard in America.

"My goal is to see some change the way we treat people in society," Amari Lewis said.

The sisters said it's a simple message that everyone needs to see, and they say this is an excellent way to show it.

"It's in the message that we are welcome, that people that look like me," said Sa'Mya Lewis.

Family and friends work the assembly line while the sisters' mother captures each and every moment.

"I just want to see change," Amari Lewis said.

The two sisters lost a brother to gun violence last year. They named their sign business in honor of him, calling it A Higher Promise.