'I just feel closer to God': 100-year-old woman finally gets to celebrate her bat mitzvah

She’s one of 12 women at her senior community to take this step.


"I'm very proud to sit here right now and tell you that I have been bat mitzvahed," said Rose Brown.

At 100 years old, Rose Brown is finally achieving a monumental milestone in her faith.

She’s one of 12 women at her senior community taking this step.

"There is a reason that God does things and I do believe it was our time to celebrate our bat mitzvah during the pandemic," said Marlene Bloom.

The community was on lockdown during the height of the pandemic, but Rabbi Lior Nevo says their faith in God and each other has remained strong.

"Committing, to begin with, was a big step and then, recommitting once the pandemic hit our building was a tremendous step," said Nevo.

A commitment perhaps more important now than ever before.

"One thing was recognizable, and that was our group coming together. An afternoon studying texts, dealing with issues they dealt with 2,000 years ago and what's going on outside right now," said Nevo.

"I just feel closer to God and I feel like I would like to be a better person," said Brown.