'I can't give up until God gives me a sign': Father of missing Seacor crew member desperately searches for son

The family of one of the missing workers on board the Seacor Power continues to search for their loved one two weeks after the ship capsized in the Gulf of Mexico.


Scott Daspit is desperately searching for his son Dylan Daspit.

He is one of the seven missing workers who were on board the Seacor Power when it capsized two weeks ago in the Gulf of Mexico.

"It's very important to all the families that have loved ones out there, we have 7 people out there still missing, any closure for any family is worth the effort,” Scott Daspit said. "We are not stopping until we find somebody. It's for closure too."

"We need answers,” his brother Garrett Daspit said. “Before we get answers, we are not stopping. We are never going to give up."

The Cajun Navy has stepped in to help find the missing workers.

"It's the worst maritime catastrophe in years,” volunteer Ronnie Adams said.

Adams said the group has about 3o to 40 boats involved in the search.

“People from all over the country, they are resilient and not giving up," Adams said.

Scott Daspit said his son’s birthday was two days before the lift boat capsized.

He has a birthday card that he never got to give to his son.

"It's in my truck," Daspit said. "I still want to give it to him, and that is why I can't give up until God gives me a sign."