'I can't believe I'm wearing this dress': Dad wears Disney princess costume to make daughter smile

Erik Figueroa decided to dress up and distract his daughter while his wife was being tested for COVID-19. Thankfully, the test came back negative.


A New Hampshire dad proved he will do just about anything to make his daughter smile when he recently dressed up as a Disney princess.

"She kind of has you wrapped around her finger," said Erik Figueroa.

Emberlyn, 3, loves the movie "Frozen" almost as much as she loves playing dress up with dad.

So, he surprised her with his own Anna dress to go with her Elsa dress.

"The first thing I thought is like, 'I can't believe I'm wearing this dress,'" laughed Figueroa.

Humor is key when times are tough.

"I was at home because my wife was getting tested for COVID-19," said Figueroa.

Thankfully, the test was negative.

But the family is also going through something else. After skull reconstructive surgery last year, Emberlyn's brother, Branson, may soon need another surgery.

"It's life. It's just one thing after another, but we try to make it as fun as we can," said Figueroa.

That's why the lighter moments mean so much.

"I was really excited to see her face and to see her light up," said Figueroa.