How Louisville kids capture history through The Polaroid Project

'I can take pictures of whatever inspires me.'


Chris Fletcher kicked off the Louisville Urban League’s Polaroid Project.

“We want to see what peace and justice looks like in the lens of the youth,” said Chris Fletcher of the Urban League.

"You know Louisville being one of the center stages of this movement and what is going on with social justice, we felt that it was our responsibility to do something like that and involve the youth like that," said Fletcher.

The Polaroid Project has distributed free cameras to 118 kids for the six-week project. Their goal is to reach 200 kids.

"I can take pictures of whatever inspires me," said 7-year-old participant in The Polaroid Project Taylor Lucas.

Already, the Louisville Urban League has received requests from art galleries. But for kids like 7-year-old Taylor, this project affirms that their view of the world matters.

"We wanted to make sure they felt freedom to put whatever they wanted to at the bottom of those Polaroid pictures. Whether it be what this picture means to them, whether it be just their age and things like that. Because ultimately-- and I told them kind of just a fun way of thinking about it is think 1,000 years from now if your pictures are found what will people learn from seeing your pictures," said Fletcher.