Hispanic Heritage Month: Minor League Baseball team honors Hispanic community as 'Los Rayados'

The Rayados rebrand is part of the 'Copa de la Diversión' initiative in Minor League Baseball, aiming to celebrate Latin American communities.


The Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Minor League Baseball team has gone by many names over the years: the Warthogs, the Dash and "los Rayados."


Dash president and general manager C.J. Johnson explained the origin and meaning of the team's rebrand.

"The straight definition [of los Rayados] is 'the striped ones,' so it kind of pays some homage to our pinstripes, the Chicago White Sox pinstripes, so that's the direct translation," Johnson said.

"Also, we took 'Rayo,' which means bolt, and of course that's our mascot, so that's why we went with the red and the hats, so those combinations are what we talked about with the Hispanic League, and we came up with los Rayados."

The Rayados rebrand is part of the 'Copa de la Diversión' initiative in Minor League Baseball, aiming to celebrate Latin American communities across the country.

When the Dash transform to los Rayados a few times each season, it creates a vibrant, culturally rich atmosphere, especially for Latin American players like Luis Mieses, a Dash outfielder from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

"Me siento en casa," Mieses said. "Me siento en casa porque escucho música, que haya escuchado en Dominicana y vienen muchos latinos a ver ese juego porque se sienten identificado con ese día, porque se llevaremos una camiseta que representa la historia hispana de todos los latinos."

Mieses said he feels at home because he hears the Spanish music, sees the reaction from the community, and wears a jersey that represents the history of all Latinos.

Another dash player, shortstop Luis Curbelo, is from Carolina, Puerto Rico, and he said it's also an important experience for fans.

"Es bueno que gente, o las fanaticadas, vea gente latina en una plataforma como esta, profesional, y representando a cada país latino," Curbelo said.

Curbelo explained he thinks it's great for fans to see Hispanic people on a professional platform, representing each of their home countries.

That rings true for Mieses as well. He said he feels profound pride wearing that Rayados jersey because he represents not only his country but all Latinos around the world.

From Central to South America, as the Dash or los Rayados, Curbelo believes in empowering all Latin Americans in baseball.

"Mantengamonos juntos, que hay unidad, y que viva la gente latina," Curbelo said.

That translates to, let's stick together, stay unified, and long live our people.

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