Honey the therapy horse delights patients in Florida hospitals and hospice facilities

Honey the therapy horse trots to various hospitals, rehab and hospice facilities in Central Florida, bringing smiles to everyone she meets.


A therapy horse named Honey is making the rounds at hospital rooms, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and even hospice centers in Central Florida.

"I call her my tiny portable pony. She fits everywhere; she fits in elevators; she fits in hospital rooms with two beds in them. She can walk right in between them," said Mary Rose Gullet, Honey's owner. "When we leave our hospice visit, that family is no longer crying, and they're all enjoying the fact that a horse just left."

Children who are patients at Advent Health in Orlando welcomed the surprise.

"It's kind of just lonely, sitting in your room, just playing games. It's just nice to kind of connect with an animal in the hospital," Noah Roslin said. "It definitely lightens the visit a little bit, and I like it."

Honey was supposed to be an animal for Gullet's children to care for, but she said the horse's calm demeanor and size led them to look into Honey becoming a therapy animal.

"We enjoy taking her out and go visit everyone. It really seems to brighten everyone's mood that we come across in the hospital, from the patients that are here to the family members that are here visiting," Gullet said.

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