Hometown Tragedy: Serial killers Albert Flick and John Joubert

Two serial killers commit separate, but equally horrendous, crimes from Maine to Nebraska.


Two Maine mothers were murdered in front of their children almost 40 years apart — by the same man.

Albert Flick stabbed his wife to death while her 12-year-old daughter from a previous marriage watched from another room. He was convicted in 1979.

Flick got out of prison in 2000 but found himself in and out of custody over the course of the next decade for various assaults on women — the latest of which resulted in a four-year sentence in 2010.

Prosecutors wanted a longer sentence but the judge presiding over the case believed Flick would age out of his violent tendencies and, instead, sentenced Flick to four years in prison.

Flick was in his early 70s when he was released. But at the age of 77, he was convicted of a fatal stabbing yet again — this time outside of a laundromat as the victim's twin 11-year-old sons looked on.

Flick is just one of two serial killers examined in this week's episode of "Hometown Tragedy."

In 1982, John Joubert was 19 years old when he murdered 11-year-old Richard Stetson in Portland, Maine.

No one was charged with the murder, which allowed Joubert to relocate to Nebraska and join the Air Force a year later. While living in Nebraska, Joubert's desire to kill continued.

On this episode of "Hometown Tragedy," we look into Flick and Joubert's histories of violence, and what happened to the communities that were left rattled by their crimes.

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