Hispanic Heritage Month: A taste of Mexico in Milwaukee

"I brought this from Mexico. They showed me when I was about 10 years old."


When you think of Mexican food, perhaps, tacos and burritos come to mind.


But there's a specific type of dish that is such a delicacy and it comes from Michoacán, Mexico.

In Milwaukee, you'll find murals, parks and carnitas Don Lucho.

It's been around for 10 years.

"Everything is fresh here we're all like family, even the workers," the manager said.

"I brought this from Mexico. They showed me when I was about 10 years old," owner Jose Luis Mejia said.

Mejia goes by the name "Don Lucho."

He's from Michoacán.

"It's the state most recognized for carnitas," Meija said.

He created a special recipe for tasty carnitas or pork tacos.

"There are different seasonings but you have to make sure it's authentic," Meija said. "The flame has to be just right, then you stir and keep adding meat."

The process is long. The meat cooks for about 2 hours.

Then it's chopped and ready to serve.

"It's like an art," Meija said.

Customers have options, too: Carnitas or cuero — the skin.

Meija said in Mexico it was too difficult to start a business so he came to the United States, received immigration amnesty and opened his shop.

"The flavor that we give us authentic, the flavor. It's really doing something unique," the manager said.

On any given weekend, Meija said he sells about 2,600 pounds of carnitas.

"I am very humble, but it makes me happy when I see a crowd of people gathered at my restaurant," he said.

Meija said his customers are not only from Milwaukee but surrounding areas as well.

Watch the video above for the full story.