Heartwarming in all the right ways, these are the people who inspired us this week

After a decades-long search, a 90-year-old man finally found the family of the person who gave him a second chance at life.


These are the stories that inspired us this week:

    Ninety-year-old Sunzeri received a heart transplant from a mystery donor in 1995.

    Until now, he had no idea it was 44-year-old Michael, who he got to see in a family photo and whose family he got to meet for the first time.

    Students at Dayton Consolidated School in Maine have all learned several words in sign language, since Morey is the school's first deaf student.

    Sydney Mccallister decided to joined a CrossFit gym in her town last year. She picked up things quickly, so much so that she qualified to compete in an international competition for adaptive athletes.

    "You can do anything if you just try," she said. "Nothing’s really impossible."

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