These touching animal rescues will melt your heart

From a puppy in a discarded backpack to a cow stranded in mud with no way out, these stories spotlight people aiding animals in need.


There's nothing like the heartwarming story of an animal rescue to bring a smile to your face, except for more stories like it!

First, a waste management driver in Ohio found a 10-week-old puppy abandoned in a backpack during his route. Not only did he give the pooch a helping hand, but he later welcomed him into the family!

Next up, a lobsterman in New Hampshire sought medical attention for his longtime sailing companion, a great black-backed gull, after noticing he was injured.

Elsewhere, a trained rescue dog earned the name "Miracle" after being dropped over a second-floor balcony in Florida. She landed on her feet and suffered only minor injuries before being taken in by a loving new owner.

One good Samaritan even let a freezing pigeon warm up inside his Omaha, Nebraska, home. When that wasn’t enough, the man, Kris Phillipson, drove the bird to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

"We traded a couple hours of our lives for hopefully a couple more years of his," Phillipson said.

From a cow literally stuck in the mud to a kitten with his head stuck in a fence amid chilly weather, there are plenty more stories of humans lending a hand to animals in need.

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