'He was always there with us': Family recreates photo with dog from 1st grade to graduation

Dylan Bliss posed with his puppy, Ruger, before he headed off to first grade. The pair recently took a photo again when he graduated from high school.


A series of school pictures of a boy and his dog through the years is capturing hearts.

This year, the student graduated high school and it was a bittersweet moment. Dylan Bliss posed with his puppy Ruger before he headed off to first grade and again when he graduated from Alvirne High School in Hudson, New Hampshire.

“He was always there with us,” Bliss said. “No matter if it was vacations or coming home from school, leaving school. He was always there on the couch or hiking with us. So, it’s like he’s kind of in all my memories.”

Bliss and his mother said in between the school snapshots, they shared the Bliss family adventures. And now, facing the reality, the dog-years have flown by. Ruger is now 11 and has cancer.

“He doesn’t show it, but at the end of the day when he’s laying down you can tell he’s not himself,” Bliss said. “Like, when he’s outside you would never know that he has cancer.”

The family likes to go to Pittsburg, New Hampshire, to let Ruger roam free and go running and swimming. They are trying to get one last family vacation in at his favorite spot.

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