'He wanted to change the world': Louisville mother fulfills her fallen son's purpose

Learn how the Jonah Ware Foundation is fulfilling her son's wishes


"I lost it, I lost it. I think I screamed for about 20 minutes," said Montoya Ware.

Montoya Ware’s life changed forever the day her 19-year-old son Jonah Ware was killed by gun violence.

"I'm in Atlanta, Georgia, and my son is in Louisville, Kentucky - six hours away and not in arm's length," Montoya Ware.

A budding musician, Jonah wasn’t just passionate about his music,

He was passionate about helping people and using his platform to advocate against gun violence.

"I would come home some days from work, and I would say, ‘whose child is this?’ and he said, ‘Mom, he just needs somewhere that he feels safe," said Montoya Ware.

"He wanted to change the world, that was his exact words – ‘I want to change the world,'" said Montoya Ware.

Montoya created the Jonah Ware Foundation to fulfill her son’s wishes.

The foundation seeks to provide a safe haven and life resources for children and their parents.

"We're giving them that support that they need, we're giving the resources. Not just to the children, but to the parents as well. We're holding everyone accountable," said SOT Tiffany Duncan.

"Our foundation wants to change the way the youth thinks today, we want to reprogram their mindsets. We want them to know that there is love out here," said Montoya Ware.