'He really just deserves to win the lottery': Two students start fundraiser to buy janitor new truck

A janitor who drives a 1989 Ford pickup truck to work received an outpouring of support, thanks to an effort started by two sophomores at his school.


A janitor with a pickup truck older than the typical high school student where he works is getting some help.

Two Jasper High School students were inspired to start an online fundraiser for Travis Kennedy to get him a new set of wheels.

They quickly received an offer from a business to match the money and raised more than $17,000 as of mid-October.

"It’s just humbling … to know that people care that much for me," Kennedy said.

Sophomores Sam Hice and Preston Reed stressed the important role Kennedy has had in students' lives and the school.

"He really just deserves to win the lottery," Reed said.

Tap the video above to find out more from the three.