Father of missing 7-year-old New Hampshire girl arrested in her disappearance

Harmony Montgomery has not been seen since 2019.


An affidavit released in the case of a missing 7-year-old New Hampshire girl shows that her father is suspected of hitting her in the face and claimed that he brought her to live with her mother two years ago.

Adam Montgomery, 31, of Manchester, has been arrested and charged with second-degree assault, interference with custody and endangering the welfare of a child in connection with the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery, 7. He waived his arraignment Wednesday.


Reward money for information about Harmony's whereabouts has grown to $43,000 after New Hampshire business owner Peter Napoli pledged $10,000 in hopes of generating more tips.

Anyone with information about her disappearance is asked to call or text 603-203-6060.

In the redacted affidavit, Manchester police outline allegations of physical abuse, including reports that Harmony was seen with a black eye. Harmony was in the custody of her father after her mother lost custody of her in July 2018 because of substance abuse issues, police said.

The affidavit provides several details of the police search for Harmony, including an interview with Adam Montgomery's current wife, who said that the last time she saw the girl, her husband told her he was going to drive her to Lowell, Massachusetts, to turn her over to her mother.

She said that was in November or December 2019, and she hasn't seen the girl since.

Police said they found Adam Montgomery on Dec. 31 sleeping in a car with his new girlfriend in the area of Harvell Street in Manchester. Investigators said he told them that Harmony was fine and he'd seen her recently, but he later said that he hadn't seen her since Thanksgiving 2019, claiming that her mother picked her up in Manchester.

Manchester police said Harmony's mother reported in November that she hadn't seen her daughter since a FaceTime call made around Easter 2019. The Division of Children, Youth and Families notified police on Dec. 27 that they hadn't been able to find Harmony.

Police worked to track down Adam Montgomery and interviewed members of his family, who said they hadn't seen Harmony in some time. His brother told police that he saw Harmony with a black eye in 2019, and when he asked Adam Montgomery about it, he allegedly told him, "I bashed her around this house."

Adam Montgomery allegedly told his brother that he left Harmony, who would have been 5 years old at the time, in charge of watching her infant brother while he was in the bathroom. Adam Montgomery allegedly said he found Harmony holding her hand over the baby's mouth to stop him from crying, and he responded by hitting her.

Adam Montgomery's wife told police she had seen Harmony with a black eye, and her husband told her it was caused by one of their other children hitting her with a toy.

His wife said she hadn't seen him since late October 2021 and last spoke with him in November. She said he was living in a sober house and then left the area to live in Maine with another woman.

Adam Montgomery's girlfriend told police that she was aware that he had children but he hadn't been in touch with any of them. She said he never talked about Harmony, and she had no idea where she was.

Police said in the affidavit that they had probable cause to charge Adam Montgomery because of discrepancies between his account and what the girl's mother told them. Investigators said the boyfriend of the girl's mother said he has never met Harmony in person.