'Stay strong': Residents return after California's Caldor Fire destroyed much of community

Residents returned to their community after the Caldor Fire ravaged the area weeks ago. Some homes still stood, but many burned to the ground.


Jeff Cornett was one of the many Grizzly Flats residents who lost his home in the Caldor Fire in El Dorado County, California, but he's determined to rebuild.

"It was a little bit emotional," Cornett said as he stood by the burned remains of his property. "But I knew for the most part what I was coming here to see."

Over the next two days, Grizzly Flats residents will be returning home to assess the damage left behind by the Caldor Fire. Some homes were left completely standing, while most were burned to the ground.

"God bless everyone who lost their home like me," said Cornett. "Stay strong."

Grizzly Flats residents will be informed of their designated time to return to their properties 24 hours in advance through the Code RED alert system.

County officials are continuing to advise residents returning to check on their properties to avoid removing debris or conducting clean-up efforts on their own at this time. Doing so would disqualify the resident from any state-sponsored debris removal support.

President Biden is expected to survey the wildfire damage Monday.