Here’s proof that goats are most underrated cute animal

Ever wonder what your pet is thinking?


Goats do not get enough credit for their downright cuteness! We tried to translate their thoughts and dig a little deeper into why they are so adorable. Here are five goats who prove they are the most enchanting farm animals.

1) This 1-year-old goat has not figured out how to use his legs ... and its adorable.

2) These baby goats are too excited to keep up with a game of tag. It's pretty adorable!

3) This goat just learned what donuts are and again, it's adorable!

4) And this goat just learned the magic and pain of a bag of Doritos. He's also pretty adorable.

5) Finally, this dog and goat couple have all the feels and, you guessed it, it's pretty adorable!

    Ever wonder what your pet is thinking? Submit your photos and videos here and we will attempt to translate!