Amooosing landmark charms drivers in Georgia

We'd love to make another pun, but we don't want to milk it.


For over a decade, this bizarre landmark has been amooosing drivers.

The gigantic mailbox, painted like a cow, towers over a cattle ranch owned by Hubert Keller. Keller hopes the post office gets the message.

"I'm looking for a big check from the government. It could help me with this cow farm,” Keller said.

Drivers slow down when they pass it, and sometimes, it literally stops traffic.

"Yeah, they stop all the time and take pictures of it. And I'm looking for some Airmail, too. That's why it’s so high,” Keller said.

Keller originally built the mailbox to bring to his former flea market, but the mailbox was too expensive to mooove. So his handiwork stays at home, where it’s a huge hit.

Keller is certainly one who enjoys the unique and quirky things in life, like his car adorned with skulls, flames and other ghoulish features, including a skeleton in a coffin.

"I tell everybody that skeleton is my ex-wife," Keller joked.

He calls his contraption “The Last Ride.”

"I don't know, I'm just practicing now. I'm going to get ready for it, because I know it's coming," he said