From cruise ship to quarantine: Couple details life after leaving Grand Princess

A couple is under quarantine after spending days stranded on the Grand Princess cruise ship.


A group of Iowans who traveled on the Grand Princess cruise ship is now in quarantine in San Antonio.

Sheryl and Ray Sirdoreus, of Winterset, are among those under quarantine in Texas after exiting the ship.

"You go through an area that is a tent, and in that tent, they basically just ask you simple questions,” Sheryl Sirdoreus said. “‘Are you feeling OK? Do you feel like you have a fever?’ And they take your temperature, and then you're good to go."

From there, Sheryl and Ray Sirdoreus took a police-escorted bus trip to a hangar with an unmarked plane.

"Everybody had not only masks, but they had the gloves and the full, clear face masks, as well, as they were all gowned up in the hazmat suits,” Sheryl Sirdoreus said.

After a three-hour flight, the quarantined plane touched down at a new hangar with stations for the cruise ship travelers to fill out paperwork and get a meal.

It was during supper that Sirdoreus said she, for a moment, didn’t feel so far away from home.

"We saw some people walk by, and this gentleman had on an Iowa Hawkeye coat, and we were like, ‘Oh, Iowa!’” she said. “So, they sat down with us and we chatted about the whole experience on the ship."

Sheryl and Ray Sirdoreus will now spend two weeks quarantined in San Antonio.

Though there is not much to do, Sirdoreus said she has one task on her list before coming back home to Iowa.

"I do not want to take a chance on infecting any of my customers when I get back home, so I do plan on getting tested," Sirdoreus said.

The couple are under mandatory quarantine until March 24.