For months, this pizza shop has been offering free slices to anyone who is hungry

Anonymous donors have contributed to the free slice fund and those who have benefitted from a free meal have written to the family who owns the restaurant.


It's estimated that 20% of local restaurants have been affected by the coronavirus, with hundreds of establishments closed and thousands laid-off.

Despite those bleak statistics, a pizza shop in Hudson, New Hampshire, has been giving away free food since the spring, welcoming anyone that is hungry.

The sign outside Mickey's Pizza in Hudson says it all, "No money, no problem; Free slices if you need."

Tony and Elissa Nasser say they are here to help anyone who is in need.

The decision came after the two saw schools nearby closing for the semester, and parents losing their jobs, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Anonymous donors have contributed to their free slice fund, and those who have benefitted from a free meal have written to the family.

While business has actually increased at the family's Hudson location, the Nassers' two other pizza shops are struggling amid the pandemic.

One of them has seen business drop 80%, but they continue to give out free food at their New Hampshire location since they believe it is good to help others in a time of need.

The Nassers say they aren't sure how long they will continue their generous program, but they say as long as there is demand, they will help.