‘I really hope someone finds this’: Family finds message in a bottle from child in Cuba

In the message, the child writes that the bottle was tossed to sea as Hurricane Irma moved through, and they one day want to live in Florida.


A Florida family out exploring the waters near their Flagler Beach home uncovered a message in a bottle that appears to have been written by a child in Cuba and tossed to sea three years ago.


The Bodiford family found the message in a bottle on an overgrown island just across from their home, and from what they can make out, it was written by a child in Cuba during Hurricane Irma in 2017.

They had to cut the bottle open to retrieve the message and then peel it out.

The child wrote that he or she hoped the letter would get to Florida and that it was sent as winds reached 139 miles an hour.

The sender went on to say he or she wants to live in northern Florida.

"It's just amazing that that kid went out there in these really big winds with this Hurricane Irma and was brave enough to throw it out there in the ocean," said Katie Bodiford.

The message wasn't signed but the author wrote, "I really hope somebody finds this."

The Bodiford family also posted pictures on Facebook hoping somehow the sender will see that the message made it to Florida.