Florida good Samaritan saves couple from car sinking in water

Francisco Gomez was driving home from work when he saw a car accident and became a hero


It was a normal day for Francisco Gomez until he was driving home from work and saw something unusual...

"As I was driving I saw a big water explosion and I thought, ‘Oh, a sewer main exploded or something happened,’” said Gomez.

He decided to drive a couple miles further, past his usual route, to see what was going on. What he did next would save a couple's life.

The water explosion was no explosion at all, but a two-car accident. One of the cars had flipped over into a canal on the side of the highway, causing the big splash.

“I parked my car and I literally just ran out and I opened up the doors. The wife was in the front, the husband was in the back. He used to be in the front. They were both very disoriented ... I explained to them, ‘your car is upside down, I’m going to need your help,’ because it was literally sinking and rocking.” Gomez recalls.

He held the car up by its doors to prevent it from sinking.

"It’s just sinking and you can hear the glass shattering and everything,” said Gomez. “I had to kind of sit there and hold the car because as he had to crawl up, I had to hold it to keep the car from flipping and sinking more on his wife.”

Once the man was out, together they helped pull his wife safely out of the car.

“I would think that everyone in that same situation would try to help, especially when there is no one else around,” said Gomez. “One of my friends told me, ‘you’re crazy,’ because there could have been alligators or an electrical wire or anything anyone comes up with and none of that ran through my mind, and I don’t think it would run through anyone’s mind if you see something like that."

Two people were injured in the crash and were transported to local hospitals with unknown injuries. Deputies say both people who were hurt survived the crash.

Francisco caught the whole accident on his car's dash cam.

Watch the video to witness Gomez's heroic save. He says, "I was able to help and that’s something I feel good about."