VIDEO: Florida deputies dodge tools tossed from truck in chase caught on dash cam

The video shows debris flying at deputies in Florida as they tried to pull over a white pickup truck.


A couple drove recklessly on a state road in Florida, throwing objects at the deputies from the bed of a pickup truck — and it was all caught on a dash cam video.

"We got a guy that's in the back seat, or excuse me, in the back of the truck now, purposely throwing tools out at the marked patrol car," a deputy could be heard saying.

The video shows debris flying at Flagler County deputies as they tried to pull over a white pickup truck Monday morning. The vehicle had been reported stolen out of Jacksonville.

Investigators say Shane Hendricks was at the wheel first, tossing debris from the window, but then moved over to let Tammy Pecor drive, while Hendricks jumped into the truck bed.

Hendricks allegedly threw heavy items in the deputies' path including a large blue toolbox and a stamping machine.

The suspects, both from Jacksonville, were spotted in the stolen vehicle around Flagler Palm Coast High School where investigators say they drove recklessly in an effort to get away.

Deputies say they began dodging tossed tools, but the suspects sped up and took off at a high rate of speed, blowing through traffic and traffic lights.

On a third try to toss stop sticks, deputies say they got a positive hit. With tires disabled, the vehicle finally came to a stop.

Investigators say they found a loaded gun in the front seat of the truck, drugs and paraphernalia.

Both suspects are facing a host of charges including multiple counts of aggravated assault on law enforcement officers.