Ocean City restaurant ready to unveil 'bumper tables' when outdoor dining returns

An Ocean City restaurant has a unique way to stay socially distanced while enjoying a cold one and a sandwich.


An Ocean City restaurant has a unique way to stay socially distanced while enjoying a cold one and a sandwich.

Fish Tales Bar and Grill on Herring Way off 22nd Street received 10 "bumper tables" over the weekend. The idea is the patron gets inside the table that's equipped with bumpers, keeping them 6 feet apart from everyone else.

The tables are the brainchild of Revolution Event Design and Production. Company founder and CEO Erin Cermak is cousins with Donna Harman, who, with her husband, Shawn Harman, owns Fish Tales.

"Anything event related that's tied to creativity is what our niche is," Cermak said. "When COVID hit, our phones weren't ringing off the hook, so we were trying to envision what events were going to look like … and figure out how people were going to be social and socially distant at the same time."

Shawn Harman described the tables as basically an "adult version of a toddler walker." Revolution makes them at its warehouse and production facility in Baltimore.

"When the COVID shutdown thing happened, they (Cermak and Donna Harman) were talking about what they could come out of positive with this, and Erin came up with the idea for the tables," Shawn Harman told

Fish Tales took delivery of the 10 tables Saturday in anticipation of the governor opening up outdoor dining, which has yet to happen.

bumper tables
Revolution Event Design & Production
Revolution Event Design & Production takes its bumper tables to the Boardwalk in Ocean City.

"We would really like the governor to allow us to start seating outside," Shawn Harman said. "(The tables) provide perfect social distancing for anyone using them and it protects both our staff and our customers."

Shawn Harman said the restaurant is also making hand sanitizer and masks available. Fish Tales opened Friday for carryout only. They typically open over Easter weekend, but not with the stay-home order.

So, for now, the restaurant is waiting to use the tables.

"It's a fun way to get through a crappy experience," Shawn Harman said. "They've been received quite well. It has turned out to be, if nothing else, a tremendous marketing event. We have plans to order some more."

Cermak said Revolution has enormous demand for the tables, which are available to be ordered and custom manufactured for other events and venues nationwide.