Finding peace through art

This art class crosses borders and oceans.


A simple art project is helping young people around the world.

The students at Marian High School in Omaha, Nebraska, have been working with the Memory Project, a nonprofit connecting artists with children living in poverty or war-torn countries.

The project sends photographs of the children to artists, and the artists create portraits for them. The artwork will be given to the children as a personal keepsake.

The creators at this school wrote a short note in the Dari language and included their favorite color.

The students are drawing faces of orphans in Afghanistan.

“These kids have been torn away from their families. They're in orphanages. And it's a lot of love so they feel love and special,” teacher Lindsay Cisco said about why she brought the project into her classroom.

In addition to the students gaining confidence by seeing their own progress throughout the weeks-long project, they also feel connected with those whose likeness they’re recreating.

“I’ve never had a pen-pal, so I just think it’s kind of cool to share a part of myself with someone from a completely different environment," one student commented.

“It’s also another level of connection with them,” said another.