Family's 100-year-old Torah survives house fire

'It was a miracle.'


“We realized there was smoke, called 911, and from there, the fire just took over,” said Paul Clarke.

The Clarke family was forced to leave their belongings behind when their home went up in flames.

They thought everything they owned was destroyed, until firefighters walked out the home with their 100-year-old Torah.

Not only was it saved, but it was also completely intact.

“Thousands of gallons of water were inside and there was virtually not a drop of water on the scroll that we brought out,” said Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Captain Dan Zitnick.

“It was was a miracle," said Clarke.

To say thank you to the firefighters, the Clarke family and their neighbors took signs, balloons and desserts to their firehouse.

“We appreciate it a lot. We don't get it that often so it is nice to see,” said Zitnick.

The family’s neighbors donated clothing, food and supplies to help them get back on their feet.

As for the Clarke family, they plan to rebuild and stay in the community that uplifted them during one of their most challenging times.