Family says their 3 dogs were poisoned, vet finds high amount of ethylene glycol

All three vets' reports show a high level of a chemical commonly used in antifreeze.


A Pennsylvania family’s three dogs had to be put to sleep after becoming sick due to what they believe to be antifreeze planted in their yard.

Last week, Jacob and Rachel Detar’s two Yorkies, Spark and Pepper, and miniature schnauzer, Hugo, were rushed to AVets for care, but ultimately, all three had to be put to sleep in a matter of days.

All three vets' reports show a high level of a chemical commonly used in antifreeze.

Their owners want to warn others to pay extra attention to what their animals might come in contact with.

“They were kind of throwing up a little bit, kind of stumbling around. It was kind of a panic, we just needed to get them help,” Jacob Detar said.

The cause was a mystery until Jacob found a bottle hidden in the backyard. He said he found a Powerade bottle sitting upright, seemingly placed there. Jacob believes it was filled with antifreeze at one point.

“All I know is that it was punctured, so it would leak slowly over time, but it was enough for them to get it,” Jacob Detar said.

Veterinarian testing confirmed that a high amount of a key chemical in antifreeze, ethylene glycol, was found in all three dogs' systems.

“We are very non-combative people. We try not to cause issues. So, we can’t imagine anyone out there being so mad to do something like this,” Jacob Detar said.

Yorkies Spark and Pepper had to be put to sleep first, followed by miniature schnauzer Hugo.

“Hugo was our youngest schnauzer, and he was my best buddy,” Jacob Detar said.

The Detar family said they’re fearful for their neighbors and their neighbors' animals.

“I know there’s a lot of dogs in our area. We see a lot of people walking their dogs in Irwin, and we are nervous for them.”

Jacob Detar said he’s been in touch with police and will be sharing the vets’ reports with police on Wednesday.