2 bodies have been trapped in a collapsed construction site since October. One victim's family urges their removal

Loved ones said that all families have limits and are demanding that the bodies be removed now.


The family of one of the men who died during the Hard Rock Hotel collapse in New Orleans last year are addressing the city's recovery effort for his body.

Quinnyon Wimberly died after the collapse, and his remains have been trapped inside since October.

The original timeline had crews reaching Wimberly's remains by Friday, and the remains of Jose Ponce Arreola could be reached by this week.

But more delays were announced Friday during a new conference held by city leaders.

New Orleans Fire Department Superintendent Chief Tim McConnell said that due to weather and equipment issues, the timeline to remove the bodies has been pushed back.

The recovery effort would not happen as planned, according to McConnell.

The contractor over the recovery effort did not provide a new recovery timeline, according to McConnell.

McConnell said he has urged the contractor over the recovery process to provide a timeline as soon as possible.

The family said they are frustrated with continuing delays in removing their loved one and the remains of Arreola.

Wimberly's cousin said their family is strong, but all families have limits. They are demanding that the bodies be removed now.

The family also stressed their frustrations with the contractors and city not having contingency plans in place for equipment.

Wimberly's mother said she cannot look at the building when driving on the interstate and pleaded that her son's body be removed.

She said Quinnyon covered a coworker's shift so they could go to a football game.

"To know he took a supervisor’s place to work that day so that supervisor could go to a football game. I saw my son on October 10 and I didn’t see him again," said Irene Wimberly. "To the mothers out there. If you know how I feel. To see my son in there for 10 months to pass on the interstate at times, I can’t look that way. I want my son out."

The family is asking for transparency from officials. They said they would do whatever it takes to get Quinnyon justice.

"We are ready to go, we are ready to fight," said Irene Wimberly. "That's my son, and if they don't care about my son, I care about my son. I am going to get my son justice."

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