Family loses everything for second time 15 years after their home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina

The Winger family said Hurricane Laura is like déjà vu.


The Winger family said Hurricane Laura is like déjà vu.

They lost their home during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

They uprooted their lives and moved to Lake Charles and have lost everything for a second time after Hurricane Laura battered the Louisiana coast.

Donna Winger said her family are survivors.

"It's real," Donna Winger said. "Everywhere else people are going about their day except for those that are trying to come and help."

"Persevering and enduring builds character, I feel like a diamond under pressure," said David Winger. "I know we are going to come out on the better side. That's the experience from going through Katrina."

Their home in Lake Charles was destroyed. The roof is caved in and pretty much everything inside was ruined.

The family has since relocated to Baton Rouge.

The Wingers' son, Solomon, was not spared from the sadness of the situation.

"All my childhood memories are pretty much gone," Solomon Winger said. "The feelings are like sadness and anger."

Solomon is 9 years old and says he is trying to stay positive for his family.

"This is just a new beginning," Solomon said to his mother Donna, who choked back tears. "Please, please don't get sad or mad; it's just a new beginning."

Donna Winger said despite the stress of the situation, she has much to be grateful for.

"I just want to say we have been blessed and I thank God for everything he has done for us this far," said Donna Winger. "I know things will get better, like my son said, we will have a new beginning, but right now it's just hard."

The Wingers know the road ahead will be hard, but say just like 15 years ago, they will get through it.

"It's nice to know that y'all are taking the time to hear our stories and to let other people know how how it feels and what we are going through," Donna Winger said.