Family celebrates 100th birthday through nursing home window

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Millie Erickson almost had to celebrate her 100th birthday without her family.


The smile on Millie Erickson's face says it all.

While she didn't get to blow out candle or open gifts, having her family outside the window of her nursing home was just what she needed for her 100th birthday.

Erickson is a resident at Sterling Village in Massachusetts, which has tightened its visitation policy along with other nursing homes and hospitals during the coronavirus outbreak.

"We can't go inside to see her because she's quarantined in," said Erickson's son, Gary.

Because of the occasion, the nursing home staff and Erickson's family got creative and were able to sing "Happy Birthday," to her from outside.

"It was really nice that they let us do that," Gary Erickson said. "She doesn't usually cry, but she did. She's just thrilled to see everybody and she's lived a good, long life."