Fact-checking President Trump's statement about election corruption

Our National Investigative Unit asked 15 top election leaders from across the country if President Donald Trump is right in a recent tweet he made.


We're less than four months from Election Day and President Donald Trump is issuing an eye-popping claim about corruption.

So our National Investigative Unit asked 15 top election leaders from across the country if the president is right.

Here's Chief National Investigative Correspondent Mark Albert's fact check.

Trump said in a recent tweet, "Mail-In Voting ... will lead to the most corrupt Election is USA history."

We took that sweeping prediction to the men and women of both parties who are actually in charge of voting by mail and absentee: secretaries of state and other leaders from 15 states.

Is the president right? Secretaries of state in many states suggested otherwise. Maggie Toulouse Oliver, New Mexico's secretary of state, noted even the president used mail ballot voting for himself during the primary.

Some of the leaders we spoke with had a clear preference for in-person voting, but even then, they had no examples of widespread absentee ballot fraud.

"The safest and most secure way to have an election is for people to go vote in person at their polling place on Election Day," Jay Ashcroft, Missouri's secretary of state, said.

"As soon as you mail out a ballot, you'll lose control over the ballot completely," Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen said.

"Right, but sir, we've been doing that for overseas ballots, we've been doing it for decades," Albert said. "He's alleging that this is going to be the most corrupt election. Do you believe that?"

"Well, we're trying to reassure in our state that it isn't," Evnen said.

And for any voter who has questions about the fairness of the voting, Wisconsin elections administrator Meagan Wolfe has a simple suggestion: Volunteer to work the polls and see for yourself.

That very same tweet is now caught up in another controversy.

Politico reports the Florida Republican Party doctored it in a mailing to supporters, blurring out the president's unsubstantiated claim that mail-in voting will lead to the "most corrupt election."

Why? Because of growing fears within the GOP that the president's harsh attacks on absentee voting will discourage his own supporters and hurt his reelection chances and those of fellow Republicans on the ballot.

Mark Albert is the chief national investigative correspondent for the Hearst Television National Investigative Unit, based in Washington D.C. April Chunko and Wendy Wilk contributed to this report.

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