'Every flag represents a life': Club honors lives lost during 9/11

For the last 17 years, Lynn Castrianno and a group of volunteers place nearly 3,000 flags in the ground at a park in Nebraska. Each flag carries a name and age — a reminder of those we lost.


A rotary club in Nebraska placed almost 3,000 flags at a park in Omaha, each one representing a life lost in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Twenty years ago this September, America was attacked by a foreign power. It has been 20 years of remembering 2,977 lives lost.

"Every flag represents a life, so when you look at the flag display it's a visual reminder of how many people actually died on 911," Lynn Castrianno, a volunteer with the Rotary Club of Omaha, said.

Castrianno, along with dozens of other volunteers, placed 3,000 flags into the ground at Memorial Park.

"I do this every single year out of love and hoping that people will come and take a look," Castrianno said.

Each flag carries with it a name and an age. A reminder of just how young the victims of the attacks were, one of whom was Castrianno's 30-year-old brother.

"I wanted to do something to remember him, I also wanted to remember all of the victims," said Castrianno.

She says the 9/11 attacks are a part of history and it's important for later generations to remember what happened that day.

"It's more than just a person representing a flag, that person has a family and a history," Castrianno said. "This is one story, seeing the enormity of it, but if you were to look at the names, look them up at and find their stories, they're incredible."

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