Woman who nearly died in house fire shares emotional reunion with rescuers

"I've always appreciated first responders but, man, I never knew what it was to really need one until I was minutes out from dead."


A woman who nearly died in a fire was rescued from her burning home by two teams of first responders and now, months later, she's finally able to thank them for it.

As April Braun found herself trapped in a house fire in July that nearly destroyed her home, she started to believe that this might be the end for her. But officers with the Latana Police Department and firefighters from Palm Beach County proved her wrong and rescued her from the flames. Braun was later taken to a hospital, where she was treated for two months for her third- and fourth-degree burns.

Now, she is grateful to be alive and well enough to thank the brave heroes who saved her that day. In an emotional reunion, she hugged each first responder, learning that they were just as happy that they could formally meet her again under better circumstances.

Watch the video above to see the emotional reunion between Braun and her heroes.