Girl's school comes together to help second-grader who's fought brain cancer for most of her life

"Emma is the best sister in the world," her brother Aiden said. "I get all my strength from her."


An empty desk inside a second-grade classroom leaves a big void.

Emma Gehring, who attends school at Walnut Creek Elementary School in Nebraska, has an inoperable brain tumor.

She was first diagnosed with cancer when she was 7 months old and has gone through eight kinds of chemotherapy throughout her young life.

Even in her hospital room at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Omaha, she has reminders of school all around her.

"(She’s) got pictures of her class up in the room," said Kathryn Gehring, Emma’s mom. "And every day, she talks about her friends, and how she misses them, and how she can’t wait to be back."

Emma went to school for two weeks before the effects from her tumor worsened.

Doctors said the tumor had grown and was putting more pressure on her brain.

Meanwhile, back at home, people are always eager to help in her community and at school, where students and staff saved nearly $7,000 for the family to help with growing medical costs.

Emma and her parents plan to fly to Boston to try an experimental treatment to stop the tumor’s spread.

Watch the video to learn more about Emma's story.