How America's fastest race walkers found zen on the road to Tokyo

Robyn Stevens and Nick Christie are America's top race walkers and they're speeding toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Chances are you took a lot of walks during the pandemic.

But, we'll bet you didn't walk with the same purpose Nick Christie and Robyn Stevens did.

They're America's top race walkers and they're speeding toward spots to represent Team USA this summer at the Tokyo Olympics.

They're also a couple in real life and they've spent virtually every minute of the pandemic living and training with each other.

Nick and Robyn avoided all contact with the outside world in fear that catching COVID-19 would ruin their athletic careers.

As endurance athletes, they worried the long-term effects would negatively impact their respiratory systems.

So, they moved to the middle of nowhere. The Mohave Desert, to be exact.

They committed to coaching each other and emerged from quarantine for their first race in February and won their respective U.S. Championships.

Our sister station KCRA spoke with Christie and Stevens on its "Dying to Ask" podcast. Listen below:

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