'Doob-licator' lets you create lifelike figurines of you and your loved ones

"These are ways that we can preserve the actual time, place, feeling better than I think a photograph can do."


A 3-D printing technology store is dedicated to "Doob-licating" you and your loved ones.

The Doob store in Overland Park, Kansas, uses a machine called a "Doob-licator" to take high-resolution photographs of a person from all angles in different poses. Then, the information is sent to a 3-D printer that creates a lifelike replica of the person. The Doob-licator can help you create lifelike avatars of yourself, your family, your friends and even your pets.

The Doob store's co-owner, Malik James, says people have a variety of reasons for wanting to replicate their loved ones. To James, the process isn't as odd as it seems. After all, he's already made a 3-D printed sculpture of his own father, Mayor Sly James, of Kansas City, Missouri.

Watch the video above to see how lifelike these "Doob-licates" can be.