Dog survives gunshot wound: He's 'very lucky' to be alive

While cats are supposed to be the ones with nine lives, this resilient pooch showed he had a few of his own.



There’s no denying it: Griffin is one tough dog.

He survived a shooting that could have easily been fatal.

"He's absolutely a very lucky dog to be alive, considering what happened to him," said Dr. Alex Padron of Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center.

Griffin was discovered wandering the streets, and the local animal shelter quickly contacted the Big Dog Ranch Rescue for help.

"I don't care where they're born. I don't care where they came from. If we can help them, that's what we're here for," Lauree Simmons, of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, said.

Griffin was driven more than six hours away to have the bullet surgically removed.

It went through his chest. Fortunately, it missed his lungs, went through the diaphragm and ended up in his intestines," explained Dr. Alex. "He's actually a pretty lucky dog because a lot of animals would have died from a wound like that."

This X-ray shows how the bullet in his abdomen nearly killed him. It also showed a smaller bullet or pellet, revealing he had been shot before.

Simmons was overjoyed to see Griffin get the help he needed, saying, "I'm going to sleep a whole lot better tonight because I was worried sick for the past two nights about him."

Griffin made it through surgery, ready to find a forever home after a few weeks of recovery.

"He's a fighter. He had the will to live and [I'm] just glad that he hung on long enough," said Simmons.

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