Rescues, reunions and recoveries: Stories of amazing dogs!

From a veteran's emotional reunion with his beloved pooch to a dog surviving a bullet wound, here are great stories of dogs and the people who love them.


Whether they’re providing emotional support or teaching us the power of hope and resilience, dogs are so much more than just "man’s best friend."

That includes Kanoh, a wonderful pooch reunited with his pet parent, Air Force Sgt. Hector Rivera. Rivera had been serving overseas for seven months.

"I didn’t know how he was going to react, to be honest with you," he said of their reunion. "I got really teary. He knows. You can’t explain it."

Meanwhile, in Carroll County, Maryland, a woman took in a former street dog from India, who had to have her hind legs removed. The dog, named Pihu, had been hit by a car.

Her owner, Jill Trail, said she was inspired by Pihu's personality and her enthusiasm for walks. She noticed that kids, in particular, seemed to love her dog, leading her to write a book called "Pihu Makes a Friend."

"Children are really drawn to her, which is a wonderful thing because it teaches them acceptance of things that are different and diverse," Trail said.

For more stories of incredible dogs and the people whose lives they changed for the better, watch the full video above.

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