Doctor says choosing the right face mask will help keep you cooler

Experts say darker colored face masks absorb more heat


There's a lot of debate about wearing masks in public and if it should be mandatory.
Ask a doctor who sees COVID-19 cases every day and there is no debate.


"I 100% agree that masks should be mandatory. We're seeing such an increase in coronavirus that it's one of the major preventative measures we can do as a public to keep each other safe, to keep our neighbors safe," said Dr. Hoda Tavalali, of North Kansas City Hospital.

Tavalali said she is concerned that even fewer people will wear masks in the summer heat because it will make them feel hotter. She said choosing the right mask can help.

"If I had to make a recommendation of one over the other, I would say the paper ones can keep you a little bit cooler. They do have electrostatic properties on the front so they can prevent the virus from entering, and then cloth would come in as second," Tavalali said.

If you choose a cloth face covering, pick a light color as darker colors absorb more heat. People who will be outside for an extended period of time should take extra masks because a sweaty mask is less effective.

"While it is inconvenient and it can be annoying, it's a small thing you can do to keep you and family safe," Tavalali said.