Could Disney's reopening be in jeopardy if coronavirus cases continue to climb?

Several Disney hotels and the Fort Wilderness Campground welcomed back guests for the first time in months on Monday.


Disney is not reopening its Orlando parks for another three weeks, but several Disney hotels and the Fort Wilderness Campground welcomed guests Monday for the first time in months.

The resort reopenings come as records continue to be set in Central Florida for new coronavirus cases.

In a statement, Disney said its employees are implementing numerous "health and safety measures based on guidance from various governmental authorities and health agencies."

Disney says guests age two and up are asked to wear a mask at all times except when swimming and seated for meals. The rule is in line with Orange County's recent mandate that everyone wear a mask in public places.

Tom Corless runs the widely followed Walt Disney World News Today website.

He checked into the Polynesian resort Monday and said the hotel was far from full occupancy.

"I think there's not a lot of guests. There's some, not a lot of guests; there's a handful of cars here at the Polynesian," Corless said.

Corless speculates Disney is opening its resorts to limited numbers of guests as sort of a trial run.

He admitted there is concern among the Disney fan base that if the uptick in coronavirus cases in the Florida continues, a July 11 reopening could be in jeopardy.

"I'm sure Disney is concerned if it gets worse they would have to cancel the reopening, but I don't know. I think with the mask mandate in place has everyone hoping this will alleviate some of the pressure if the cases go down again,” Corless said.