Dad doesn't just build desks for his kids, he builds them for any child in need

'I feel like you ain’t lived until you helped somebody.'


Virtual schooling has created a need in this community: desks for kids.


And Marcus Holley is doing his part to make sure that need is met.

It all started when this dad realized learning from home meant he'd have to learn something, too.

"I went to YouTube and I said, 'How do you make a desk?'" said Holley.

Once his kids’ desks were complete, he went to work building desks for others.

"When I ran into that, I was in a crossroads. Either I stop or I keep going. And so, I slept on it and I said, ‘I'm going to keep going,’" said Holley.

Holley’s act of kindness was motivated by a son he lost.

“I lost a son in 2008. He was 3 years old. So this is kind of in honor of him," said Holley.

Holley was hard at work and only charging enough for materials, until an anonymous donor gave him $1,000.

Now, thanks to that generosity of a stranger, Holley can make desks for free.

For Holley, it’s not just a good deed -- it’s a lesson to the younger generation.

“Do good. Help people. I feel like you ain’t lived until you helped somebody," said Holley.